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Company profile


Van Ammers Transporten BV was founded in the 1960s by Mr W. van Ammers senior. Under his capable management the company specialized in the domestic and international transportation of building and construction materials as well as irregular transports.


His son, Mr W. van Ammers junior, took over the family business in early 2007. He worked for the company for many years and he was already actively involved in the everyday management of the business prior taking over the family business and becoming the new managing director at Van Ammers Transporten.


Our transport company is located at business park De Volger, in De Rijp, in the Dutch province of North-Holland. This business park is located next to the N244 and is situated between the cities of Alkmaar and Purmerend. It’s only a 5 minute drive from the A7. Van Ammers Transporten has its own repair shop and we do our own maintenance to keep our lorry fleet and equipment in top condition.


 Transportation services


Van Ammers Transporten has a diverse fleet of vehicles to efficiently meet all the transportation needs of our customers. With over 50 years of experience in the transport industry we can offer the best custom tailored transportation solutions to our clients. Furthermore, with our motivated workforce and by hand-on running of the business by people who know the business best, we aim to provide our customers with first class service with the emphasis on quality, safety and reliability.


Our workforce


Our core workforce consists, besides our management, of professional lorry drivers and two part-time office workers. Our employees are motivated, reliable, experienced and responsible. Our drivers have the Dutch nationality and, besides the required education and licenses, they are also certified forklift drivers and are certified to operate a lorry-mounted crane. Furthermore, our drivers are VCA certified. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Enviroment Checklist Contractors and this certificate was created to promote safe and healthy working in construction. With our VCA-certification we show our clients that we comply with the regulations in the field of safety, health and environment. Our drivers also have Amsterdam Schiphol Airport batches and they underwent safety screenings to obtain these batches to be allowed to enter the secure areas at the airport. Our vehicles also have batches, which grant them access to the platforms.  


Our fleet of vehicles


Established over 50 years ago, Van Ammers Transporten evolved and became a specialist in the domestic and international transportation of building and construction materials as well as irregular transports. Our diverse fleet of vehicles consists of:


· Flatbed lorries and curtainsiders with lorry-mounted cranes

· Flatbed and curtainsider trailers

· Trucks

· Closed-coupled trailers

· Combinations

· Lorry-mounted forklifts


Our lorries have lorry-mounted cranes in the 7 meter-tonne up to 28 meter-tonne classe. The outreach is 6.5 m up to 20 m. Our lorries are single axle or tandem axle. They can carry 5000 kg up to 14000 kg. A number of our triple axle lorries with lorry-mounted cranes can reach up 18 metres with a pallet hook combined with an outreach of 3 m. from the building front.

Our combinations are very suitable to transport building and construction materials with a maximum width of 3.4 m. These combinations consist of a flatbed or curtainsided lorry and a 2 or three axle trailer. The trailer bed has a length of  6.5 up to 7.5 m. The hight of the trailer bed varies between 1 m., 1.12 m. up to 1.20 m. Tautliner (curtainsider) is optional. 

Our 2 axle trucks are combined with tautliner city trailers and shelf trailers. Lorry-mounted forklifts are optional. The length of the trailers is 10.5 m up to 13.65 m.

The Moffet lorry-mounted forklifts can carry 2500 kg.  

Our tautliners can be placed on any of our flatbeds or trailers.  A tautliner (curtainsider) with shelves is optional.

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